What is Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder?

What is OCD

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it’s an old, common and long-lasting disorder in which a person has unmanageable thoughts and behavior that he or she feels the request in mind to complete encore over and over again. Two or three percent of the population suffered from it. The disease happens to women’s mostly but in a research, there is an increase in the number of men also. Mostly age between 30 – 45 are suffering from this. But in a new survey its found that the teenagers are also suffering from OCD. Why OCD happens? And what are the signs and symptoms of it? We will discuss below here.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of OCD?

Compulsion and obsessions, the OCD patients have both symptoms. These symptoms actually, interrupt the phase of your life. These symptoms actually, interrupt the phase of your life. It disturbs your school life, office life, and college life.

Compulsions – They are repetitive behaviors that a person who suffers from OCD  urge to do.

  • Over Cleaning or Handing Wash repeatedly
  • Arranging things in a particular pattern
  • Repeatedly checking doors, switches, and Taps.
  • Can’t control his/her thoughts or behaviors
  • Not satisfy after repeating actions like washing hands repeatedly.

Obsessions – repeated thoughts and images in minds which causes anxiety.

  • Phobia or fear of germs
  • Unwanted taboo thoughts
  • Aggressive behaviors towards others
  • Wants things in a perfect order

What are the causes of OCD?

The causes of OCD are unknown or not fully understood but there are several theories or risk factors includes :

  • Its found that OCD is happened due to genetic
  • Because of abnormalities in the chemicals and structures of the brain
  • Because of the bad environment, experienced abuse (mentally or physically) in childhood.
  • The overthinking and shocking moment or incident

How to Treat an OCD?

The treatment of OCD takes time. There are several ways of treatment of OCD :

  • Physiological treatment
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication

All the treatment take the time they are a long-term and effective way of treating an OCD patient.

Some of the self-treatments to beat OCD :

  • Think you don’t kill it currently all you need to control your thoughts,
  • Do Yoga to make your brain stress level calm,
  • Give yourself time and space,
  • Make yourself busy, read books, make paintings, go outside and meet your friends
  • Don’t be alone always stay around with your friends and families
  • Show yourself that you are bigger than your Repetitive thoughts,
  • Be strong and control yourself or your thoughts for example if you repeat a thing 10 times a day, repeat it only 9 times on the next day and control your actions and repeat this habit until you make your habit normal.
What to do along with self-treatments to beat OCD?

Along with self-treatment, you can go for the medication the best and effective way to get out from this disease. The medication should be prescribed by the doctors after your diagnosis. The medication may be costly for the offline market but at the online store, you can buy it for cheaper. Online stores like Medilife, Practo, and LifeExtension offers medicines at low rates also the store gives discounts and more.

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