How to recover from a spine surgery in an effective manner

hospital for spine surgery in India

Once the hospital for spine surgery in India discharges you, they are going to hand over a list as far as post-operative treatment is concerned. You would need to comply with it so as to ensure a fast and smooth recovery. It would be a combination of building strength along with exercise and you would need to work hand in glove with a therapist. In terms of the post-surgical care you would need to follow the below mentioned tips.

Your consumption of protein needs to increase

For the body to heal it does need ample amount of proteins. You could confer the fact that there are amino acids which could be termed as building blocks and the body does get the strength from it. The collagen that works out to be the epitome of the structure is a combination of amino acids along with protein. There are antibiotics in place that does help to fight infection at the same time.

Proper sleep is the need of the hour

After the surgery is over never underestimate the power of a good sleep. The doctors are of the opinion that you need around 5 to 6 hours of sleep on a daily basis. In case if you fall behind in sleep you are going to need 2 hours of extra sleep in order to cover up for the same. Sleep not only provides the necessary amount of energy for your body, but it freshens up your mood and makes you lively as well. There are no second thoughts to the fact that during the recovery phase sleep does appear to be really important.

Cut down on processed food products along with sugar

The moment we cut down on processed food products along with sugar it is obvious that we are going to keep the blood sugar levels under control. It has been observed that if you opt for foods that have a high sugar content, not only it is unhealthy but to a large extent is going to supress the immune system as well. for example if a single teaspoon of sugar can go on to supress the immune system for close to 4 hours. On the other hand the amount of sugar in a single ounce of soda can suppress the immune system for close to 2 days


This is not only in case of spine surgery, but it is an advice that all of us need to fall for the rest of our life. The message is to hydrate and there are no excuses for that. You should confuse drinking , coffee, soda or tea with that of hydration. Water is the best way to achieve hydration and at the same time it goes on flush out the toxins from the body. It does create a positive environment for our health and overall being. You can confer the fact that it promotes an environment for healing.

You need to follow the above mentioned activities for quick healing.

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