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I hope that you weren’t terrified out of your wits as you read the other pages. These problems happen rarely, and if you catch them quickly, they won’t affect your quality of life very much, if at all. The secret to avoiding these problems lies in prevention. If you don’t prevent it, then you need to go consult your doctor. If a changing your diet can’t fix the problem, then your doctor definitely can. Don’t be afraid to go and consult with them.


Some problems happen to you because of genetics, but others (most others) happen to you because of lifestyle. Do the usual things like eating balanced meals, drinking seventy ounces of water, sleeping eight hours every day, and exercising regularly. However, you need to pack your diet with the right kinds of nutrients, and you need to remember to get your blood pumping every day. Anaerobic exercise (like running up a flight of stairs) doesn’t count.

Eat These Foods

  1. Meats & Nuts:Do you have an iron deficiency? Eat lean meats (like chicken, turkey, etc.) and nuts. We normally think of protein when we think of these foods, but they have a lot of iron in them too. If you eat plenty of meats and nuts, you’ll have much lower risk of anemia.
  2. Citrus & Strawberries:The vitamin C in these fruits helps your body to absorb iron much more efficiently, so if you have an iron deficiency, eat your meat with a side of vitamin C!

You should also eat healthy carbohydrates in moderation. You don’t have to completely cut them out of your life, but make sure that you only consume whole grains. They don’t have the chemicals in them that damage your metabolic organs, like your thyroid. They also don’t have the sugar-content that leads to diabetes.

Avoid This Like the Plague!

  1. Cigarettes:Cigarette smoke prevents adequate oxygen from filling your lungs. Less oxygen gets into your bloodstream too, and your body compensates by constricting your blood vessels, which pulls your blood into the most vital parts of your body (and away from your fingers). If you don’t want your fingers to look blue, ghostly, or ischemic, avoid the smoke!
  2. Caffeine:Caffeine also makes your blood vessels constrict, but for a very different reason. It acts almost like adrenaline in that it sends a similar signal to your nerves, which constrict your capillaries. Unfortunately, that means that your extremities receive less oxygen, which leads to the blue or white color that we all dread.
  3. Processed Flours and Sugars:Your thyroid and your liver have enough to process without worrying about processed flours and sugars. Processed foods wear them out more quickly because they weren’t designed to process fake food. This puts you at a higher risk for hyperthyroidism or diabetes. If you give your body natural foods, you’ll have a lower risk of developing either condition. Your hands and fingers will stay pretty and healthy as well.


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