Fingers & Skins

Fingers & Skins


If you visited the “Fingernails” page on this website, then you know that your fingernails give you advance warning when something goes wrong in your body. Every other part of your hands does the same thing. Because your hands are an extremity (far away from your heart), they experience problems with blood-flow and vitamin-deficiency first. Watch for some of these problems, because they help you to identify more serious issues before they permanently affect you.


  1. Do you have redness on your palms? Don’t panic or think you’re about to die if you do. You may just have an allergy to a certain kind of soap. You may have grabbed something that was too hot. You may have worked with tools all day.

You should only be concerned if you haven’t done these things or if your palms stay red for a long time. If you’ve had red palms for a long time, you might have liver disease, or you could be pregnant. Your body will swell if you have either condition.

  1. Do you have blue/gray fingertips? Your fingers turn this color when the blood vessels and capillaries within them have a spasm and decrease circulation. This might happen when you experience prolonged periods of cold, but it could also happen if you have Raynaud’s syndrome. Do everything possible to increase circulation, and if that doesn’t work, consult a doctor.


  1. Are your fingers constantly swollen? When you swim in the ocean, eat a lot of salty foods, or fly on an airplane, your fingers will swell. Don’t worry about it. You should worry if they stay that way for days or weeks, even after you stop eating so much salt. You probably have a problem with your thyroid. Your fingers swell when your thyroid can’t regulate your metabolism, so water and salt build up in your system. You’ll need a hormone prescription from your doctor to fix it.
  2. Are your fingers clubbed or thicker on the ends? The ends of your fingers thicken before you either accidentally hit them with a hammer or because you have respiratory problems. You’ll know you have respiratory problems if all of your fingers and toes clubs at the same time. Unfortunately, you can’t use diet or exercise to fix this problem, but fortunately, your doctor can definitely help you find a solution!


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