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ABOUT Heath Care

Every time I go on the internet to investigate an ache or a weird discoloration on my skin somewhere, I come away thinking that I have ten days to live. I have a brain tumor or some kind of debilitating fungus eating my life away. Since I have no chance of survival, I shut my computer and go huddle under the covers for a little while, scrambling through the existential crisis that the internet has chased me into. My roommates tell me to get over it and come to eat pizza, but all I can think is: NO. I probably have diabetes!
I don’t want you to feel that way when you read this website. Enough sources tell you that if your fingertip turns white when you press it, then you have some kind of life-threatening disease. You might have that disease, but you also might not. I’ll try to give you all of the possible explanations for your hands’ strange antics. I’ll even help you learn how to fix them. I’m going to get a nursing degree, so you can trust me!

If you have any questions about holistic health, healthcare, diseases, or any other aspect of healthcare or medicine, you can probably find an answer on this website. I’ve posted about hands and fingers on the main pages (mostly because I think you’ll find that information the most helpful), but I’ll post about many different health-related subjects in my blog. Don’t be scared of any of the topics! I’m only trying to help!