A dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, beauty therapist or skin specialist? Find out which one you need!

People’s current way of lifestyle has changed a lot compared to what it used to be five or six years back. This change has not brought any good to many people. This is the reason behind all the prevalent health issues among people like obesity, Polycystic ovarian diseases, depression, insomnia and skin issues.

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Our skin is one of the most delicate parts of our body, and due to this lifestyle, it is getting affected. Hyperpigmentation, aging, wrinkles and a lot of issues are visible on our skin from an early age.  A change in lifestyle is necessary to cure these but as an immediate remedy, surgery or medication is the only thing that will help.

Now people get confused about which treatment they need, dermatology, cosmetic surgery or beauty therapy. If you want to make modifications on your face like Rhinoplasty or Blepharoplasty then surgery is your only option, but, other things like aging and acne problems can be cured by dermatology.

So, what exactly are the differences between these treatments?

Dermatology: This is the medication and treatment mainly involved in curing skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne, rashes etc. Dermatologists will recommend you medicated skin products to cure your problems. Generally, there are no drastic side effects. This form of medication takes a bit longer time compared to others, yet this is quite safe. No surgery is involved in it and treatment is only done through medicated skin products and antibiotics.

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Cosmetic surgery: This is an expensive way of treatment and the results are as fast as compared to dermatology. If the cosmetic surgery is not performed under trained professionals, the patient is bound to face drastic side effects after the surgery is completed. This surgery, however, is meant for enhancing the facial features of a person. This involves Botox surgery which makes the skin fair and lighter. Another method is Liposuction, which means sucking out lipids from certain body parts to make them smooth and seamless. Breast upliftment, lip plumping, and hair transplantation are some other examples of cosmetic surgery.

Beauty therapy: This is needed for temporary modification of someone’s looks. This is no type of treatment. Beauty treatment comprises body massages and spas which is meant for skin relaxation and better blood circulation through them. Facials, pedicure, and manicure fall under beauty therapy. This can be considered as an inexpensive way of enhancing your outer appearance temporarily.

Skin specialist: They are similar to dermatologists. Dermatology deals in curing skin issues whose causes are mostly internal and so do skin specialists. Skin sagging, rashes, acne, etc. can be cured by a skin specialist.

Always search and seek treatments from clinics and doctors who are highly experienced and well-known in the beauty industry. There is no point in compromising with one’s existing beauty if the specialist fails to enhance it later. The above-mentioned forms of treatments are not recommended unless there is an urgent need for it because the side effects are not worth the money you spend on getting them.

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