Keep Your Fingers & Nail Healthy


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to self-diagnose yourself (at a very basic level), then this is your chance. Your fingernails reveal a lot about the overall health of your body. They’ll especially help you to monitor your cardiovascular health.

Fingers and Skin

The length of your fingers and the state of the skin on your hands may also reveal underlying health problems. If your fingers look clubbed on the ends, then you might have a problem with your thyroid. Don’t be alarmed though! Some of these symptoms have more benign causes.

Solutions to Your Problems

What do you do when you discover that you have one of the conditions listed on this website? You won’t go wrong if you consult a doctor, but I have some other remedies that might help you. After all, these problems happen because of a deficiency in your environment.

About Healthy Nails

If we define healthy fingernails in a few words, that are sleek and without hollow. Their colors are identical and have fixture texture, without any spots. Sometimes we see that because of injury there are bad spots on the nail and their size is different than others but after a few years with the cutting of nails their decrease in size and at last they have vanished.

About Not Healthy Nails

The color of nails are different, sometimes there is a dark strip under your nail. The shape of the nail is different from others, sometimes they are curling. They are thick or thin, detached the skin and sometimes feel pain and swelling in it.

Tips to maintain your Fingertips better

Always keep your fingernails dry and clean. By doing this you’ve prevented your nails from bacteria. While washing dishes use gloves, which protect your nails from water because water makes our nails weak and allow them to split fingernails.

Always take care of hygiene. Use manicure scissors to prevent your nails. Give them a round gentle curve while trimming your nails.

Avoid biting your fingernails, by doing this bad habit you damage your nail root, a little cut damages your fingernails because it allows bacteria to enter in your fingernails and do infection.

Always use lotions and moisturizers to prevent dryness from your skin and fingernails.

If you have any nail problem that’s a part of your nail for a long time, then go to the best dermatologist and treat it.

Use quality nail polish and remover, which doesn’t damage your nails.

Ask your doctor for best biotin which helps to make your fingernails stronger and better. Biotin is full of nutritional supplement which makes weak fingernails stronger.

Never pull off hangnails, it damages tissue and infects your fingernail, and allow the fungus to damage it.

If you’re going outside for manicures from a nail salon then first sure that it is licensed or not and using proper ways. For the best manicure, go to professionals.

By following these above tips you can maintain your fingernails and make them better, healthier and attractive.